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Visual Solutions

VISUAL SOLUTIONS / aka Digital Design

Spectacular visual & digital designs will enhance targeted traffic to your website. It will improve click-through rates… promotes page views… content sharing… and of paramount importance CUSTOMER CONVERSION. This is what we work towards- customer conversion. We implement superior design because it has goal-achieving results!

Finding excellent visual solutions to most any problem has many rewards to both client and team, and generally makes for a smooth corporate relationship. Dan’s team listens closely to who our clients are and learns how they wish to be perceived. Our clients know that their philosophies, values, passions and goals will be clearly be expressed through every piece.  The goal is to create outstanding visual statements on a client’s behalf.

We design & create emails, banner ads, page takeovers, mobile ads, rich media, animations, social media ads, proprietary ads, and more.


TippingPoint.Agency uses research to drive the entire process. Initial planning is guided with the help of secondary research- revealing what we don’t know. Knowing what we ‘don’t know’ leads the effort to the appropriate primary research methodology. Quantitative research is used to create an image of the complete market landscape. The qualitative research is employed to gain insight beyond the numbers- and into the mind of the target market.

Data is then examined working to identify trends and anomalies… and then we do it again to test assumptions and observations! We achieve a clear image into the habits, motivations, and planned-purchases of the market.

We put BIG DATA, ANALYTICS, POLLS & SURVEYS, and FOCUS GROUPS to work creating the your desired results.


Your ‘voice’. Each client… every brand communicates with a particular, unique ‘voice.

From folksy to authoritative… spirited to informative… playful to convincing… our writing team articulates your personality with great skill.

Whether your target prospect will respond to Humorous, Technical, Emotional, or Retail… TippingPoint.Agency’s professional writers bring your brand to life with superb written communication.


Your prospect is online. Your message should be too. Digital display is measurable in real-time. As a campaign runs, we get precise data on:


This allows us to optimize campaigns while they run, moving your budgets to websites, dayparts and messages that are performing the best… OPTIMIZATION. It’s a marketer’s dream.

How do we do it?

Once we gather behavioral intelligence, we can deliver highly targeted messages to prospects. We can target prospects who were interested enough to visit your website but who didn’t take any action. We can serve targeted messages to remarket to prospects who searched for specific keywords. We can test competing messages and designs against one another to see which performs best. A/B testing lets us know how well an ad performs before we blow the entire media budget on it.

Graphic Design

A picture’s worth a thousand words

Lines and forms. Textures and colors. Graphic design has a language all its own, equal parts art and science. We understand how effective design can transform perceptions, beliefs and emotions. It’s fundamental to the art of persuasion. It’s where the term branding got its name.

What’s the benefit?

In the hands of a skilled artist, graphic design is a profoundly powerful marketing tool. Great design can elevate your brand. Poorly conceived design can break it. Each pen stroke, each stylistic nuance impacts how the audience sees you and in turn, how they value your product. Design is pivotal to creating a sense of brand consistency. It’s the visual cue that lets audiences know they can trust your brand time and time again. Effective design makes the register ring. It pushes prospects to sign on the dotted line. Your brand image is much more than a logo or typeface.

The elements of design

Color – Responsive – Design – Imagery -Style Guidelines – Flow -Typography -Forms -Buttons Hierarchy- Contrast


In marketing, blending in with the landscape won’t work. Even if you share product types and customer segments with your competitors, your marketing strategy should be vastly original… YOURS. TippingPoint.Agency has proven capabilities in strategic planning and development.

Situation – Objective – Strategy – Tactics

So what exactly is Marketing Strategy?

If someone asked you to dig a hole, how would you do it?

A young tree needs one kind of pit
  • A cedar fence post needs another
A nuclear bunker beneath Mount McKinley? Blow off the shovel and fly in an F15 with missiles.

You can’t just go dig a hole. Why you’re digging is the all-important question. It’s the starting point of an original and unique strategy. Too often we’re asked to develop a Facebook campaign, to help with SEO or to develop a tradeshow booth. But after taking a deeper look at the challenge we find that we need to do something completely different. TippingPoint.Agency’s strategic planning process is born from research and investigation. We gather data to analyze the state of your business. We figure out what the questions should be before we provide the answers.

  • What obstacles do you face?
How do potential customers see you, your brand and your industry?
Where do your prospects get their information?

Once you’ve determined the landscape, you can figure out how to navigate it.


How do we do it? It’s not enough to reach the most people, as often as possible, at the most cost-effective rate. And you can’t simply target consumers by age and gender. Our media strategists develop consumer profiles based on age, geography, lifestyle, income, attitudes, values and hundreds of other variables. The result is an effective, efficient media plan.

Every medium has strengths and weaknesses. One of our specialties at TippingPoint.Agency is determining which media to use… and then using it to it’s greatest benefit for your business. What’s right for other clients is wrong for you. Because you sell different products to different audiences.

What is the benefit? In spite of a very fragmented media landscape, our paid media is more effective than ever. Sending the right message- to the right consumer- the right number of times- will provide a quicker connection and quicker success.

TippingPoint.Agency has the data to create media plans that provide predictable outcomes.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Perfecting the digital storefront

SEO is the core of a website. Designed to generate targeted organic traffic, improve website authority and consistently improve the quality of a website on a monthly basis, SEO encompasses much more than keyword research and integration. With so many people (over 90%) beginning their purchases for products and services online, your website is your number one marketing tool.

On-page optimization seeks to increase organic search traffic to your website primarily through keyword research and integration.


Spread digital word-of-mouth through off-page optimization projects. We can help you acquire quality endorsements from websites across the internet.


Bolster your marketing efforts by integrating them. Improving how new visitors interact with your website will increase conversions and sales.

Keyword research – Optimization – Call to Action Development- Keyword Integration- Link Building- Website Demographics Analysis- Meta Tag Optimization- Conversions Analysis Testing & Enhancements- Social Bookmarking Strategies- Content Creation


Social media isn’t too different from your social life. You can be the life of the party. Or you can make awkward small talk with strangers over a plate of warm onion dip.

You know the platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Maybe you tuned out because you stopped caring that your uncle’s ex-wife was making vegan meatloaf. But hopefully you know this: Social media is a legitimate, multi-billion-dollar marketing channel. It’s not your daughter’s chat room or your mother’s scrapbook. Social media marketing has staked its claim in the marketing world. Your prospects are on a variety of social platforms, so you should be too. And it doesn’t matter which ones you like personally. It matters where your customers are, what they do while there, and how they interact.

Think of it like this: If it’s a swim party, don’t be the guy that shows up in a suit. If it’s a cocktail party around the pool, leave the Speedos at home. Your job is to fit in and be relevant. This is where TippingPoint.Agency is great help!


Video is the most popular way to communicate.

That’s why we’ve placed extraordinary emphasis on bringing the best video and motion graphics expertise all in-house. No matter the size or screen, your story is scripted, shot, edited and treated graphically by the same collaborative team, from beginning to end.

No outsourcing or lack of quality control.

We follow a simple credo: story is king. From short form (Vine, Instagram) videos to full-scale television commercials, we pre-visualize, brainstorm and painstakingly plan every detail of every video production.

Stories articulate brands, increases engagement and close deals. They make you interesting. They humanize your organization, providing prospects and customers a real way to connect with your brand.

From television commercials to web videos, documentaries to broadcast radio, sound design is the special ingredient in the production mix. Distinct audio is essential to delivering your message and capturing audience attention. It can provoke deep emotions and transport audiences in time and space. It can impart a sense of realism to any medium or genre. Great audio is all about tone, timing and precision. If you want your audio production done right, you need seasoned professionals at TippingPoint.Agency on your team!