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What People Say

"These folks are smart! They ‘roll up their sleeves’ and immediately begin developing their concepts into plans, then execute these plans effectively and efficiently. They work hard to follow up efforts to optimize messages and looks. They over-deliver what they say they're going to do."

Chris Hinton

Mike Brown Ford

"This company follows through with what they promised, and they constantly work to make efforts better. We thoroughly appreciate having them on our team. They take great care of our business."

Sabrina Williams

Roger Williams CDJR

"This team exceeds expectations in most every regard. They quickly understand our objectives and what we need to accomplish, and what they can do to best assist our efforts. They’re nice to work with."

Erv Randle

Classic Chevrolet Nation

"I have worked with this group at several auto groups. They do exactly what they say they’re going to do… plus they find additional things to work with on top of that. It seems there’s always 1 more thing to do. They constantly push the envelope in serving us. They work hard and smart for me."

Lanny Loesch

James Woods Motors

Our Team

Jonathan leads our largest team; completely committed to get your dealership noticed by your specified target consumers featuring relevant messaging and expertly delivered with a high level of frequency. This team WILL locate your prospects wherever they consume internet media. As long as your prospect remains in the sales funnel, we will continue to sell on your behalf. Jonathan has earned four higher education degrees with an MBA from the University of Denver. He knows what research to use and how to best use it for your advantage, time and time again.

Jonathan Thompson

Customer Engagement Leader

‘Messaging’ is urgent and must clearly show a prospect why they must take notice of your dealership. Consumers are constantly barraged with messages. Therefore, whatever YOUR communication is, it must be relevant to your goals. Chad has produced animation, motion graphics, and network quality video messages for more than 25 years. He leads a production team proficient in all areas of media creation, including animation, special effects, editing and finishing. Chad was among the first in the Southwest to bring aerial video capability to clients using a fleet of drones.

Chad Campbell

Creative Services Leader

Development. Execution. Implementation. David and his team interact with each client and TippingPoint.Agency team to ensure all work is exactly the right fit – finding the ‘sweet spot’ – and then functions as designed in the digital world. The entire focus is creating profitable sales. Period. Profitable sales. David has worked in television, digital, radio and print media for 30 years. He sees and understands the newest forms of communication, and how a consumer works. Predictability is a rare science and art form that is turned to our client’s advantage and works to create a tipping point in a client’s business.

David Thompson

Strategy Implementation Leader


You have an idea in your head that you want on paper? Our design department utilizes a network of 650 full-time graphic designers, videographers, motion-graphics, editors & more. Our design team specializes in durable-good retail advertising and marketing messaging. We work around the clock and fulfill tight deadlines to ensure your project gets the attention it needs.

Visual Design & Video Department

Multimedia Specialist/Graphic Designer


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